A Crowd of Rebellion

Whenever I find new music that interests me I just cant help but share it. Music is a very personal subject and I completely understand that not everyone has the same tastes. But if I post about a new band, or song that I like because of  my post just one more person finds out about it, likes it and then goes on to share it with their friends, that's all that matters in my eyes.

Today I want to share another Japanese band that go by the name "A Crowd of Rebellion". I recently bought their latest album "Xanthium" and it's an awesome, eclectic blend of post-hardcore, screamo, and electronic sounds. Here are a couple of tracks I managed to track down on YouTube to help tickle your musical taste buds. The first is from their 2013 album "Zygomycota" and is called "Satellitear".

The next is from their latest album "Xanthium" and is titled "M1917".