If you have followed me on social media recently, you might have seen me talking about a band by the name of Alestorm. Hailing from Perth, Scotland they describe their brand of music as a mix of modern folk and power metal with a Piratical twist... or "Dankened Yarrrcore" for short.

I first heard Alestorm shortly after the release of their full length album "Black Sails at Midnight" in 2009. Over the years they have toured the world spreading their nautical tales.

I thought it was about time I showcased some of their music on the blog. Frustratingly pretty much every track they have released is catchy as hell. Making it difficult to pick just a few but here goes anyway!

Firstly we have this blinder called Keelhauled which appears on "Black Sails At Midnight".

Next up we have the perfect pirate song to start a good drinking session. Funnily enough called Drink from their 2014 full length "Sunset on the golden age".

Lastly we have Shipwrecked from their 2011 album "Back through time". It's an especially catchy tune that ends up stuck in my head all too often.

If  by now these three tunes have your musical taste buds crying out for more head over to their website. You can also find their entire back catalogue on Spotify and iTunes.