Binary Love - Riviere

Thanks to the power of social media (in particular Instagram), I was recently introduced to a new record label by the name of Basick Records. What is strange is that when I had a look through the list of artists and bands that had worked with them I was surprised to see that I had heard of a few. Thankfully, for my love of discovering new music there were also many I hadn't heard. One of these before unheard was a band from Toulouse, France who go by the name of Riviere.

Their musical style's described as post-prog metal, which to be honest isn't going to mean a huge amount to many. The best way I can describe their sound is a mix of Deftones, Tool, and Queens of the Stone age with a few ethereal synths for good measure. Occasionally their sound musically reminds me a bit of the Misery Signals too.

There are so many great tracks on their first release titled "Heal", but I just had to choose "Binary Love" as I could easily listen to it again and again.

Basick Records

Riviere's debut album "Heal"