Crossfaith - Rx Overdrive

If you've seen any of my posts over on the on the blog I used to do for Stealthy Garage, Crossfaith need no introductions. For those that haven't Crossfaith are a metal band that hail from Osaka, Japan and since finding out about them roughly 18 months ago they have set me on a musical journey of discovery to find what other awesomeness the Japanese heavy music has to offer. Crossfaith's style has elements of electronic music provided by Terufumi underpinning some serious groove laden riffery thanks to Kazuki, which is then driven along by a series of pounding beats at the hands of Tatsuya, and topped off  with a variety of vocal stylings provided by Kenta.

It's possible I got a little weird there with my description of the kind of Sound this band deliver but trust me when you watch the video for their new song "Rx Overdrive" you will not be disappointed!