Crystal Lake - Black & Blue (Featuring Jesse)

Last week Crystal Lake released their latest full length album titled "True North". For those that aren't yet aware Crystal Lake are a band hailing from Japan, and when they started out in 2002 they were heavily influenced by many of the late 90's hardcore bands. Over the years it is clear that their influences have grown, to the point that it is now difficult to use a pigeonhole to describe these guys.

The First video from their new album titled "Black & Blue" and features rap sections from Jesse (RIZE/The Bonez). The track itself is an interesting mix of  heavy guitar riffs not too dissimilar to those you might hear in an early Bury Your Dead album. Some more complex post hardcore style sections. Then when you add the hardcore style vocals and Jesse's rap's over the top you have something that sounds just different enough to be intriguing and ultimately enjoyable.