Devil You know - Consume the damned

Devil you know is one of those bands where each member is now or has recently finished playing in another band. A term usually used for a band like this is "super group."  

The band initially formed in 2012 when drummer John Sankey of Devolved and Franceso Artusato from All Shall Perish started jamming together. In the later part of 2012 they recruited former Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones to undertake vocal duties. Since then they have done countless tours and have released two albums. The most recent of which is what caught my attention, and completely by accident.

I was doing a search on the internet for a metal cover I'd heard a few years ago of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I didn't find the one I  was looking for (and to this day it still escapes me!) but what I did find was what sounded like the former Killswitch Engage vocalist singing the Survivor classic.


Jones is no stranger to putting a metal spin on a rock classic, in fact Killswitch Engage performed and recorded a video for a cover of Dio's "Holy Diver". Once I'd finished playing this on repeat for a while, I decided to look into this new band more, and I have to say I was really impressed with what I found.

Devil you knows latest album is available now: on Itunes