Friday mixtape

Over the last few weeks, while I've been working on getting the first clothing release I've been rediscovering many of the bands that helped shape my opinions and tastes musically. There are so many bands and musicians that I couldn't possibly put them all in one blog post but I thought I might start occasionally posting about a few at a time. Don't worry I fully understand that not everyone has the same tastes in music, so I don't expect everyone will suddenly fall in love with any of the music I post. However if you do find something you like, that's great!

Poison The Well

I first heard Poison the Well in 1998 when they released their debut mini CD titled 'Distance only makes the heart grow fonder" on Goodlife Records. Shortly after this  release they got signed to the American label Trustkill Records. Not long after this signing they released their first full length album titled "The Opposite of December". This song "Artists Rendering of me" is taken from that album.

Cave In

I first heard of Cave In, when a friend loaned me a mixtape he'd made. It consisted of loads of bands both new and old and Cave In were one of the newer bands that appeared on the tape. When I finally got my hands on a copy of their first full length CD "Until your heart stops" I was quite simply blown away.  However the first track I heard from this album (that appeared on that mixtape) is the one I have chosen to present to you and it is called "Juggernaut".

Morning Again

Morning Again were probably one of the first straight edge metal core bands that I was introduced to. I first heard them while working an early morning shift in a shop with a good friend. It was coming up to Christmas and this meant that deliveries of stock were becoming much more frequent and had to be done before the shop could open. It was probably the only time we had control over what we could listen to during our working hours, but it was awesome he introduced me to a whole world of never before heard music. All of which from the underground straight edge hardcore scene.

Morning Again were one of the bands in the new world, and I enjoyed their early recordings so much that I soon owned their first two mini CD's "Hand of Hope" and "Martyr". It was only this morning that I found this video of their live set from last year.

Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho were another band I found as a result of entrenching myself within the hardcore scene. Their first Mini CD "A Day and a thousand years", released in 1999 was the perfect blend of thrash metal and punk rock. Short fast paced songs, with aggressive guitar riffs, pounding beats, and venomous vocals screaming poignant and thought provoking lyrics.