Metallica are officially back in my good books!

Ever since my teens, when I started listening to Metallica I've said that their best years were pre 1991.

Albums such as "the Black album", "Load", and "Re-load" I felt were listenable but never really had the same feel. Then they released the 2003 atrocity known as "St. Anger." A blatant and extremely feeble attempt at making themselves more accessible to a larger audience.

Then in 2008 they release "Death Magnetic" musically this album made me happy, but the moment I heard the lyric "what don't kill you makes you more strong!" On the song "Broken, beat, and scarred" I had to hit stop. Thinking about it the warning signs should have started flashing when I read the title to that song. After that I couldn't listen to Death Magnetic for fear of bumping into this grammatical monstrosity.

Today while searching YouTube I stumbled across not one but two new songs from Metallica's upcoming album titled "Hardwired... to self destruct" and from the moment I hit play I was happy!

I'm looking forward to this albums release on November 18th. Lets just hope there are no musical booby traps like on the earlier release.