The Fate of the Furious ... really?

Last Sunday saw the release of the official trailer for the latest film in the Fast & Furious franchise.

The film titled "The Fate of the Furious" and while it has many of our favourite characters from the earlier films, I have a few issues with that I have seen in the trailer.

First let me say that I have been a big fan of the Fast & Furious franchise since the start, yes they're cheesy. Yes they're hardly the kind of film that many would call a classic in several years time. But they are enjoyable to watch and have energised an entire generation to take up some form of automotive based hobby.

As soon as the trailer starts we're straight into the outlandish kind of stunts that we've come to expect, but then out of nowhere Dom suddenly goes rogue! The rest of the trailer is about how the team are going to get him back, whats more they end up teaming up with the guy that tried to kill them in the last one! Now is it me or has the underlying theme of family being the most important thing, and never giving up on them suddenly gone out of the window?

First Dom mourns the death of Letty in Fast Five and vows revenge on her killer... and succeeds or so we thought. In six he and the team find out Letty is still alive but suffering from amnesia and spend the entire film going to incredible lengths to get her back (some other stuff happens too). Then in number 7 they're going on about the importance of family and trying to get Letty's memory back (where we find out that Letty and Dom are actually married.) Now we're meant to believe that he's just had enough and he's turned his back on those he spent so long trying to keep together... I thought it was Ride or Die, not Ride or meh!

I have to concede that it does look like there is still the usual high-octane, hard-hitting action that we have come to expect, but where the hell did they dig this story up from? "Family will be broken"... no shit! You've just broken your entire franchise too! Or is it going to be that every film from now on see's one of the team spit their dummy out and turn on the rest, only to be beaten into submission by the Rock and Jason Statham by the end of the film?