The music of Suicide Squad

Putting together a soundtrack for a film must be a really tricky business. On the one hand if you have a film that really isn't that great but has an amazing line up on the soundtrack album. In this case the soundtrack runs the risk of over selling the film. On the other hand if you may have an amazing film but the soundtrack hasn't really been given much thought, and this can really let the side down. Every now and then, there is a film released where just as much thought is given to the music that features as the cast, and the story line. One such film in my eyes is the latest offering from the DC Comics camp, Suicide Squad.

I'd been looking forward to the release of the Suicide Squad ever since it was first announced to be in the making. With the exception of how the Enchantress was portrayed, I loved it! This was partly helped by the musical offerings giving an extra dimension to the scenes. Having had the album on repeat in my car for a few days it's a non-stop musical treat. So I thought I would share just a couple my favourite tracks:

First up is "Gangsta" by Kehlani. I love dark qualities of this track combined with the trap style beats, and the haunting vocals.

Next up we have "Standing in the rain" by Action Bronson, Mark Ronson & Dan Auerbach. This is a real grower of a tune, that I definitely found myself singing along to after a couple of listens.

Then there's Panic at the Disco's take on the classic Queen tune "Bohemian Rhapsody". If you had asked me prior to this I would have sworn blind that it would be impossible for anyone to give this iconic song a facelift while still keeping one foot firmly in the era it was first penned. However Panic did it and did it really well!

Finally, I don't think I can finish this post off without giving mention the one tune everyone is probably expecting from me. That is "Purple Lamborghini" by Rick Ross & Skrillex. There are a few reasons I love this tune the first being that I'm a big fan of Skrillex' work, The second being that this tune is in my eyes the perfect theme tune for this iteration of the Joker, the last reason is it makes me feel like a boss driving down the road with this on full volume! ...Yes I know I don't drive a purple Lamborghini, but I do drive a purple Skyline and that's good enough in my eyes.

Seriously though, I highly recommend you buy a copy of the entire album because it's a joy to listen to from start to finish.