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Last weekend, I attended a local charity auction to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. It was a good evening and it was great to see people digging deep to raise money for a worth cause. I too did my bit and bid on a set of three official Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prints. They are so cool and I'm really pleased to have done my bit. If you get the chance I urge you to do your bit too. Services like this are so important in saving lives.

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Today is the day!  Watch Dogs 2 has finally been released.While I can't play it yet (it's sitting at home, and I'm in the office!) I can at least get into the spirit of the game by listening to this brilliant Spotify playlist that has all the tracks from the game.There are some awesome artists on here such as Hudson Mohawke (in fact it seems he has done most of the music for this game), Boys Noize, Deadmau5 , N.E.R.D, and Dead Kennedys to name a few.So what are you waiting for? hit play and turn up the volume.

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Tomorrow sees the release of the latest Watch Dogs game from Ubisoft.The first one was so good! and as with any game I want to check out I've had this on pre-order for the last few months. For those that haven't played the first Watch Dogs yet, if you took Assassins Creed and GTA and added a storyline heavily based around the hacking subculture you are somewhere close.If Watch Dogs 2 is even close to the standard of its predecessor we're in for a real treat! (If I'm not careful it will end up being a major time sink too...)Here...

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