New items now in stock

A couple of weeks ago I released a whole bunch of new products in our online store. I'm sure you don't want to hear me waffling on, so here is a rundown of everything that's new and awesome!

First up we have our new snapback design. The cap sports a camouflage peak with our "No skill, no style" logo stitched in white across the front.

Death or Glory "No skill No style" camo snap back

Next up we have our latest long-sleeve t-shirt design. This is also part of our "No skill, no style" collection. On the left side of the chest it has our Japanese style logo and down the right arm "No skill, no style" is printed in Japanese. They're available in sizes small to XX-large.

Death or Glory "No skill, No style" long-sleeve t-shirt

 Now for all those sticker fans out there! We have a number of new sticker designs for you. The first is our "No skill, no style" holographic rectangle "slap" style design. 

Death or Glory "No skill, no style" holographic "slap" sticker

 Next, for all those die-cut sticker fans we have our "No skill, no style" die-cut sticker. This design is only available in white at the moment but I think you will agree it looks great!

Death or Glory "No skill, no style" die cut sticker white on R32 skyline

Finally, we have two sticker designs that we have been asked for, for some time now. They're simple, they're stylish, they are of course our die-cut logo stickers. They're available in two sizes, standard which comes in at 21cm in length, and XL which are 60cm long. They're both available in a variety of colours too! So make sure you check them out.

Death or Glory die-cut standard size logo sticker

Death or Glory XL die-cut logo stickers are available now