New Stickers now in store

Thats right, I have three new sticker designs available to buy right now.

The first is a colour version of my Jukinzoku Neko sticker design. They are 15cm in height and 12.5cm wide, look absolutely amazing and are just £2.99!

Jukinzoku Neko colour sticker

To grab yourself a colour Jukinzoku Neko sticker click here

Next up we have two new logo sticker designs with a distinct animal theme. The first is my purple tiger print sticker. They're 21cm long and 5cm high and you can buy them for just £2.99 each here

Finally we have my grey elephant skin sticker design. This particular design is an homage to one of my all time favourite sneaker designs. These stickers are also 21cm long and 5cm high, they're just £2.99 and if you would like to get your hands on one all you have to do is click here

All my sticker designs are made from high quality vinyl, they are scratch resistant, UV resistant, weather resistant, and will stick to almost  any surface.