Lily’s Blog 5: He touched the BUTT

Lily’s Blog 5: He touched the BUTT

Well basically I have just cut it all out.

At the rear I will be using 42mm od 3mm wall thickness tubing as the main inner frame work that will hold the radiator and piping as well as a jacking point then use 22mm od tubing as removable outer frame work to hold the rear panels, lights, boot lid, etc in place.

With the 42mm tubing I made a little long and slid it inside the chassis legs where I have welded inner plates into them welded outer plates to the chassis legs and tubing.  The theory behind this double plate welding is that it should be more secure when jacking on this frame work as it’s welded to the chassis leg in 4 places and it’s not pivoting on a single weld between the tubing and the mating plate at the each end of the tubing.

I have decided to stick with an Alloy IS200 radiator at the moment I don’t see a need in going for anything bigger.  I’m using an old OEM rad during the fabrication work purely so the alloy one doesn’t get damaged.

Because I do run Lily pretty low the pipework for radiator and fuel system will be running through the car in order to keep things off the ground and avoid damaged.  The path of the ducting I’m still trying to work out.  I have a few ideas running through my head and as things stands it will be coming in through the rear window.  I don’t like the look of ducts and piping going through rear doors and side windows.  I don’t want it being ducted from under nether as all the shit of the day will hit the radiator from the track.


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