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Lily’s Blog 4: No strippers but plenty of flashing.

“Needs must when the Devil shits in your kettle” Basically everyone heard about the crash at the Matsuri.  I have been totally blown away by the level of support, encouragement and offers of help I have had from everyone.  It has totally cemented the reasons why I absolutely love the drift community.  I mean even… Continue Reading Lily’s Blog 4: No strippers but plenty of flashing.

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Lily’s Blog 3 : Strippers…. YE WHERE?

If you are going to commit then you might as well over commit!! I have never built a car fully from the ground up so this is coming to you fresh out the oven. The strip down to the blank canvas and start this awesome shit again. I know things haven’t been overly technical or detailed yet but once parts start going back onto the car I will start giving more details on parts. So time to get the overalls on and break out the tools. With the gaffer Jenniffer on watch there won’t be many breaks or fannying about. well best get to work then.

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Ewan’s 1jz Lexus IS200

Lily the 1JZ LEXUS Where to start… I F**king Love this CAR…. AAAAHHHHHHH So you join me 4 years into this obsession, I bought Lily for £800 and it was love at first drive. I have been playing with cars all my life and no car has ever spoke to me so much made me feel so alive, so connected.  No object has ever opened so many doors, taught me so much, made me so many friends, become my life as much as this car has.  If I was to sit here to write down every reason I drift my Lexus I would end up writing one of those self-motivation books. So I’ll spare you the boredom and keep this...

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