A new look!

A new look!

Hey all!

I hope this lockdown hasn’t driven you mental.

In an attempt to stay sane I’ve been working hard behind the scenes on new designs for the site.

This does consist of a bit of a new look for the brand, however it doesn’t mean I’m leaving the old look behind completely! So whats in the new look drop?


First up is my new logo die-cut sticker these are 21cm in length and are currently available in four colours: White, Sky blue, Sparkle berry, or Sparkle gold and they cost just £1.99 each! (Buy now!)

Next is my “reaper crew” slap style sticker. These are also 21cm in length and you can grab one for just £1.99 each! (Buy now)

This sticker, I have simply called “Death or Glory!” These are just £1.99 each and available to buy right now! They’re 13cm in height and made from high quality laminated vinyl so they will withstand anything you can throw at them! (Get yours now!)

Last up in my new sticker designs is my new tattoo style 10mm scroll design. These are 13cm tall and available now for just £1.99 each! (Buy now!)



Here we have the new logo tee, this has the new logo printed (with strap line) printed in white across the chest. These are available in three colours: Black, Burgundy or Grey and in all sizes from small right up to 3X-large for just £13.99 each! (grab yours now)


Next up is the “initial” logo tee, This is a variation on the new logo design and you can also grab these in a choice of three colours: Black, Burgundy, or Grey and in sizes small through to 3X-large for just £13.99 each! (Pick one up now)


Next is my 10mm scroll design in tee form! These are available in either Black or Burgundy in sizes small to 3X-large for just £13.99 each. This design is also available as a long sleeve tee, only in black for £17.99 each! (buy short sleeve) (buy long sleeve)


Here is the only full colour design in the whole range, the Death or Glory! back print tee! These are available only in black and have the initial logo on the left chest, and the my helmeted reaper design full size on the back. These are also £13.99 each! (Grab one now)

There are only two items left in this drop, and here they are. My “Black nails, Bloody knuckles” back print design.

Anyone who has spent any time working on cars knows that it's almost impossible to escape without these, you’re always smashing your knuckles on something when the ratchet slips, or that “quick 2-minute job” turns into a 3-hour marathon and you walk away looking like you’ve been down a coal mine! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, its a badge of honour!

We work on our own cars and we’re proud of it!

The t-shirt consists of the initial logo on the left chest and the BNBK strap line full size on the back for just £13.99 each (buy yours now)

The hoodie consists of the full logo across the chest, and the BNBK strap line full size on the back for just £26.99 each (Grab one now).

Both of these items are available in sizes from small right up to 3X-large as well as both being available in the following colours: Black, Burgundy or Grey!

Worldwide shipping is available on all orders, and if you spend £50 or more you will receive free shipping automatically at the checkout!

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