Death or Glory! COVID-19 Update

Death or Glory! COVID-19 Update


As you are probably aware from all of the news coverage over the last few weeks we are currently in the midst of a pandemic. This has already affected many businesses and in coming months is likely to affect many more.

Early last year I changed the way I run Death or Glory! I decided to start using a print on demand service to print all of my clothing. This has helped me to keep the cost of my clothing to a minimum as well as only ever print what you order. Until recently this has been working well, the only things that get printed in bulk are the stickers, I get them printed and them send them to the printing company so that they can ship your orders as one.

This does however mean I am working symbiotically with another company, which means should anything happen to the printing company during these testing times I am also affected.

I am regularly checking their status to see if they are still open for business and so far they are, but with a skeleton crew, however they recently updated their
status to reflect that one of their biggest suppliers of clothing has had to close down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so while they currently have stocks of clothing in their warehouse if those deplete they will be forced to close down until other businesses start back up again.

What does this mean for my business?

At present I can still take orders however due to limited staff at the printers your orders may take longer than usual to be shipped.

I truly appreciate any and all of your support whether you’ve bought one sticker or you have collected every design I’ve released.

If I am forced to stop taking orders I will update the website accordingly. This does not mean that I will be closing up shop all together, in the mean time I will be working hard on new designs for the brand ready for when I can re-open again.

If you want to keep up to date with what designs will be coming you can do so on my social media chanels:


I am forever grateful for all of your support so far and I hope we can all get through this.

Thank you!

Lee (Death or Glory!)

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