Sh***y Zombies!!!

Sh***y Zombies!!!

For a long time, I've pondered the idea of releasing a seasonal design. 

I don't believe in trying to do something for every seasonal event just for the sake of it, but the occasional one should be fun for me and produce some interesting designs for you.

With that in mind, on Monday I released my first ever Halloween inspired design title "Shitty Zombies!!" This release includes a sticker, a hoodie and a t-shirt design. 

Death or Glory! Halloween sticker


Death or Glory! Halloween t-shirt


All sizes are in stock and available to buy now and world wide shipping is available on every order. 

If you buy everything in this collection (a t-shirt, a hoodie and a sticker) we'll give you 15% off, no discount code required.

These designs are only available until 18th November.

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