Halfway Hangs 6

Halfway Hangs 6

I’ve been a little quiet recently with my blog posts. This is partly because a lot of time has been taken up trying to pinpoint and diagnose a strange noise on Lucy’s Subaru daily.

The other is that any time I so much as think about doing anything to the Skyline the weather turns and forces me back in doors (One day I will have a garage to work in!)

So in the mean time I thought I’d share some of the videos I’ve been watching recently to get me pumped to do some more drifting this year.

The first of these is Joybreak film from Halfway Hangs 6. For those that don’t know what Halfway Hangs is a drifting event and car show rolled into one held by StreetKarnage at Raleigh Raceway and Valla Beach Tourist Park NSW.

Josh Dobrik (Joybreak) appears to have covered these events since the beginning and always does an amazing job of making a film that makes you want to get in your car and drive hard. The latest in this series is no exception!

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