SC Films X StanceNation Team A-Bo moon

SC Films X StanceNation Team A-Bo moon

A long, long time ago on an older (now deleted version of my blog) I put a bunch of posts showing my love for the Japland TV videos way back when they first appeared on YouTube.

Since there is so much trash on YouTube now,  both really badly shot (wobble cam makes my head hurt!) and people doing stuff just to be YouTube famous I thought I would start highlighting some of my favourite things to watch starting with this...

For those of you who have been living under a rock, This is team A-Bo Moon from Japan. They all drive a bunch of low style four door R32 Skylines and have been friends as well as driven together for many years.

There are plenty of videos of them in action across the internet but what I love about this video in particular is that it gives an insight into how the team got started and what they're trying to do.


Film by: Yosuke Suga 

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