The Woolpack classic car meet

The Woolpack classic car meet

First lets get something out of the way, if you’re wondering why the name “The Woolpack” sounds familiar, its probably because you’ve been brought up watching a program on TV by the name of Emmerdale or Emmerdale Farm.

In the early days, before a puprose built village set was built, the program was filmed in and around a small village in West Yorkshire called Esholt. The pub in the village is the same pub that was used in the program and this was the location for tonights classic car meet.

I had known for a while that they held regular car meets here but had never ventured to one, but when a friend of mine phoned to ask if I fancied going I thought “Sure, why not?”

We got down there just after 7pm and it was already in full swing, the rear car park was packed out, and the late arrivals were filling up the street in front of the pub. The variety of cars on display was really something! Especially in such a small area!

There were classic VW Beetles, Mini’s, Ford’s, Morgan’s, Land Rover’s and even a couple of classic American cars in the form of one 1930’s Cadillac V16 and a 70’s Dodge Charger…

even a few more modern cars had managed to sneak in!

My good friend Ste even brought his Escort along:

I’m hoping to do a bit of a feature on this car soon!

The atmoshpere was relaxed, and the pub had even laid on a barbecue overall it was a great way to spend a few hours out of the house.

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