A bunch of small things

A bunch of small things

Wow! It's been almost a year since I wrote an update on the Laurel.

To be honest a lot has happened in that time, some of which I probably can't remember but let's try and pick up from where I left off. 

So, in the last post I'd finally figured out what was causing start up issue if you haven't read that yet you can find the post here. The cars running now right? You can go and enjoy it? 

Not quite...

The weather for much of the time (understandably, it was winter after all!) Was pretty horrible and because the car sits outside (at the moment) It makes it difficult to work in the colder rainy months.

So, when the weather started to turn at the end of February I decided it was time to get the scum from the winter washed off, before tackling ANY of the jobs that still remained so out came the buckets and cleaning products!


scummy door trims - project Laurel | Death or Glory!

Scummy door handles - Project Laurel | Death or Glory!

Scummy wing mirrors - Project Laurel | Death or Glory!


All clean! - Project Laurel | Death or Glory!

All Clean again! - Project Laurel | Death or Glory!

There's something really satisfying about spending an hour or so cleaning all the muck of winter off and seeing just how good the car underneath looks when you're done! 

Don't get me wrong the paint isn't the best, and that does need to be addressed with a respray at some point (probably when I can decide on... and stick to a colour!!)

To finish off I decided to finally fit my Nismo oil cap I'd bought this months before but because of all the running issues I didn't want to fit it until I knew the engine was happy! 

Genuine Nismo oil cap fitted - Project Laurel | Death or Glory!

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