Leaky power steering be gone!

Leaky power steering be gone!

Now that the car was clean enough to work on, I decided it was time to tackle something that had been bugging me the whole time I was rebuilding the engine, that was the power steering. 

Initially I did think that it was an oil leak but after fixing the only potential leaks I could find, I noticed that one of the lines from the power steering reservoir was soaked, and sure enough it was running down on to the subframe where I had first spotted the leaky mess!

I started investigating and found that the only replacement parts I could find were second (or possibly third) hand and either didn't look like they matched what was in my car or looked like they were going to succumb to the same fate at some point, which given the prices people were asking for just the lines, was not an option for me.

Whenever possible I like to do a job once and do it right. If I can I'll modernise too. I remembered from a Jimmy Oakes video that Chase Bays did power steering replacement kits, so I hopped on their website, found the kit that was closest to what I needed (right hand drive 240SX with an RB) and hit buy! Then I just had to wait for it to arrive! 

Once it arrived I got to work ripping out the old leaky hard lines and reservoir:

Out with the old ... power steering lines

And then I got to work fitting up the new kit, the install was really simple I started by fitting the reservoir to the strut tower where the old reservoir used to sit: 

Chase Bays power steering reservoir

Next I fitted the adapters to the steering rack to allow me to use the provided AN lines:

Chase Bays steering rack adaptersFinally I fitted the adapter to the high pressure side of the pump and started to run the lines to the rack:

Chase Bays power steering pump fittings

Chase Bays lines fitted to the steering rack

Then all that was left to do was to fill the reservoir, start the car, check for leaks and then bleed the power steering! 

Overall I was impressed with the quality of this kit and how easy it was to install.

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