Lily’s Blog 2: Dry your Eyes and Rebuild

Lily’s Blog 2: Dry your Eyes and Rebuild

As Tim Mcllrath said “You won’t know your worth now, son, until you take a hit”

…and take a hit I did and it was a big one!

Anglesey Matsuri 2018   WHAT A WEEKEND !!!!

After a full Saturday of what I was told was some of my best drifting anyone had seen from Lily and I Mark Sweeps invited me to join the night battles.  I accepted the offer to drift with some of the best drifters of the weekend and professionals then be judged by Baggsy and Shane Lynch   WOW…

So as I line up beside my friend Danny and look around at some of the drift porn waiting to hit the track.  Style legend Martin Wonnacott and all round good guy wonders over and tells me he knows the car and has been watching me drift.   Im now on cloud 9 and on a total high…

I sit on the start line.

“Full send Ewan don’t be a Pussy” I think to myself

Marshall gives the sign GO GO GO


1st gear limiter, 2ndgear limiter, 3rd gear limiter, clutch kick, big flick, YASSS

first corner down I got this

Now just manji into the national corner. Full commitment


Shit what was that. Shit! Where has my steering gone? shit! Where have my brakes gone? Shit! that’s the grass, shit that’s the tyres.  And that’s all she wrote…

Welded Hub snapped on the transition after corner 1, took the track rod end and brake line with it.

Christmas is now cancelled!

Im going to be in the Workshop all winter.  Lily is now getting fully stripped down and rebuilt.

Go Build Your Shit

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