Lily’s Blog 6 : Caging the Animal

Lily’s Blog 6 : Caging the Animal

I have decided to go full commitment.

The 4th of January marks first time ever I let someone else work on my car.  Yes the 4th of January that’s how excited Alan was to start work on Lily’s cage which should explain everything you need to know about Alan.

That someone was Alan Miller owner of Millermods in Tillicoultry.

He has been working his magic building what can only be described as a master piece shaped in steel tubing.

Alan has created a full multi point cage made using 42mm tubing with double door bars. Cross in the roof, rear cross, harness bar, dash bar, and many many sexy gussets.

Why Millermods?  Well I first heard of Alan at Millermods when he put an S13 front end on to a S14 body for a friend of mine.  Alan has so much passion for cars and extreme ideas and for his workmanship is almost unbelievable.  Every time I speak to Alan we end up losing an hour just talking about cars, engines and stories from the past just a genuine great guy human.  When Alan isn’t working on cars he is out on his trails bike winning trophies so you know that only the extreme and exciting ideas excite Alan.  When Alan heard about the Matsuri accident and that I was rebuild Lily he messaged and told me he wanted to help me and then explained his idea for a cage he wanted to make for my car.  So I instead put my MX5 project car up for sale to free up cash and gave Alan my car.

This is the point it has finally hit home that Lily is going to be the build of my life.

Now she is back home it’s time to continue building her up.

So Drop Alan a message for anything from basic mechanical work to full fabrication.  he can tailor things to meet your budget where possible.

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