Terri’s Blog 1 : Taxi Power

Terri’s Blog 1 : Taxi Power

Progress with Lily has been slow over the past month due to taking some time and money to fix and maintain the Daily Trucks.  So I thought I would show you the other beast I have.

After fitting the JZ into Lily I very quickly found that I needed to start taking a lot more tyres and fuel with me to drift days and that’s when we got Terri.

Terri is a 1999 Nissan Terrano 2.7 TDi 7 seater LWB With 48k mileage !! I have probably waked further that haha.  She was absolutely mint and didn’t need anything done so of course I started modifying her! The Engine is the same engine that’s used in the London Taxi so 48k mileage is barely run in and a good power plant not the most powerful but reliable and more than enough torque to tow Lily’s Trailer.

First thing we did is throw away the 5 rear seats.  Yes we instantly made our big practical truck a 2 seater.  So to summarise I own 2 4 door vehicles and both only have 2 seats in them. HAHA

The main reasons for stripping out the back of the truck is that you can fit a lot more wheels, tool boxes, jerry cans, gazebo, etc etc in  and also we use the truck as a bedroom when we wild camp at Drift events, holidays.

I have big plans of a lift kit, and 31” tyres, and many other modifications etc.  Yep iI need 2 projects because over commitment is under rated.  I started off with a few small mods so I fitted LED rear lights, re-wired trailer plug, fitted front bull bars and 12” light bar, roof rails and then I bought a van Roof rack that needed shorted and narrowed quite a lot.   I have the world’s worse habit of buying perfectly good parts just to cut them up and modify to make what I want.

We liked my truck so much that we got Caz the SWB version of Terri who we named Tiny Terri or Tiny for short.

Im not sure how interesting you guys are in the Trucks so let me know if you want to read more about them or not.

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