Two new designs go live today!

Two new designs go live today!

Recently I've been trying to do a new design drop every month, but let's be honest I've been pretty rubbish at keeping the blog up to date on that front! 

So let's try and change that! 

Today I have dropped not one but TWO new designs the first is an updated logo design simply called the "Kanji logo." This design is a little more than just a logo I've taken some inspiration from some of my other designs and done this in charm/ sign style.

This design is available right now as a t-shirt in all sizes from small to 3 X-large.

Kanji logo t-shirt frontKanji logo t-shirt back

The next design is something I've been working on and off for a while now. I wanted something that visually represented the tag line "black nails and bloody knuckles." Despite coming up with plenty of ideas I was never happy with them... that is until now!

This is my second new design to drop today it is available now as a t-shirt, a pullover hoodie and a sticker. T-shirts and hoodies are available in all sizes from small to 3 X-large.


Black nails & bloody knuckles t-shirt frontBlack nails & bloody knuckles t-shirt back
Black nails & bloody knuckles hoodie front
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