SC Films Low ain't enough episode 1 - LOWBRAIN

SC Films Low ain't enough episode 1 - LOWBRAIN

Continuing with my series of resurrected video posts. I thought today I would bring this one back.

For me this video was a bit of an eye opener for me in a couple of ways, at the time I was unfamiliar with some of the cars they get in Japan.

Bear in mind this video was originally released back in 2014, I was aware that Japan had a whole array of cars that we simply did not get in the UK, and at the time there weren't hundreds of people setting up their own import companies trying to bring in everything they could. So seeing this Laurel for the first time was super interesting to me and forced me to take a deeper look at whole range of 90's Nissans etc.

The other thing that this video opened my eyes to was the kinds of things these people were doing to achieve getting these cars as low as possible, things like raising subframes, removing anti-roll bars, etc.

It's also cool to me to see the styling cues car modifiers in Japan use, doing things becase they think its cool, not because they're wanting to get internet famous or whatever.

Film by: Yosuke Suga

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