Lee Richmond, Death or Glory! owner and designer

Death or Glory! First started in 2008 under the name StealthyGecko as a blog where I would talk about cars, music, gaming and pretty much anything that interested me at that time.

Then in 2013 I wanted to create something that I could call my own, something that would give me the opportunity to utilise my love of design. This is when the name was abbreviated to STLTHY. My aim was to build a clothing brand, similar to those that I had idolised as a skater earlier on in life, and also try to bring in some elements of the things I was into at that time such as Japanese car, and pop culture, as well as street art... among other things.

The first couple of years were a bit of a blur, I released my first clothing designs, even had a go at printing some myself, but over time I started to realise that things weren't quite going how I wanted them to because, in that time I had become a UK reseller for US based interior styling company.

While it was really good selling some quality products I started to feel like I had lost sight of my original goal. I needed to find a way back to doing what I truly loved, and that's how Death or Glory! was born.

The idea being that I would split the clothing and stickers side of the brand from the interior parts side and turn it into a brand in its own right (Death or Glory!) then over time I would phase out the parts (STLTHY) until only Death or Glory! remained, this was not a fresh start, but more of a clear and refreshed focus on my goals.


More coming soon ...