Death or Glory! Owner and designer Lee Richmond 

Death or Glory! First started in early 2013 under the name StealthyGecko, this was soon abbreviated to STLTHY and the journey began.

How I got into design.

Design is something that has pretty much followed me around throughout my life, as child I loved to draw, and this never changed as I grew up. When I started work I could be found doodling on post it notes and scraps of paper while I worked.

When I started playing in bands I found my love of design could be used to create band logos, design the websites, and merchandise and I think this is when I realised I wanted to use design to do something for myself... but what?

Maybe I could start my own skateboarding brand? or something to do with music?  The only issue was, at the time I had no idea where to start, or what to do.

How does drifting come into it?

Coming soon.

Whats in the name?

 Coming soon.