Frequently asked questions

Ordering/ Receiving


Why have I only received part of my order?

Because we use a drop shipping agent to handle all our clothing printing needs, if your order consists of stickers, and clothing, you are likely to receive two packages (don't worry we don't charge double for shipping.)

All clothing is sent out directly from our printing partner, and stickers  and some other accessories are sent out directly from our office.

How long will my order take to arrive?

As you can probably imagine this all depends on where you are in the world. We aim to have all orders processed within 48 hours of receiving them, but in some circumstances where we are much busier than anticipated this may take a little longer. 

All orders are shipped first class, so if you are based in the UK or Ireland your order should arrive within 1-2 business days however we ask that you allow 14 business days before contacting us. If you live outside of the UK your order may take up to 14  business days to arrive, however again we ask that you allow up to 28 business days before contacting us as in some cases your order may be slow to clear your countries customs checks.

Note:  Due to the current issues with COVID-19 we have been experiencing longer than usual shipping times in all countries.




Do you make women's clothing?

Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer any women specific designs, however we try to ensure that all of our designs are printed clothing that can be worn no matter what you identify as. 



Can your stickers be used outdoors.

Yes, We make sure all of our sticker designs are laminated and printed on high quality material, so that they can stand up to any abuse. Indoors or out.


I like your designs but I don't have a JDM car, can I still run your stickers? 

Hell yeah! We love Japanese car culture and that influences our designs heavily, but that doesn't mean we only want to see JDM rides rocking our stickers, or their owners repping our clothing. We appreciate your support no matter what brand of ride you have.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us here and we'd be happy to help.