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Death or Glory! 死か栄光か

Komainu sticker

Komainu sticker

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The Komainu (sometimes known as fu-dog or lion dogs) are the lion-like creatures that can be found guarding the entrance of many Shinto shrines throughout Japan.

They are thought to be guardians and are meant to ward off evil spirits. In this design, I have depicted a Komainu with its paw on top of a Blitz Type 03 wheel. The idea behind this design being that this Komainu is the guardian of real wheels. 

Why did I choose Blitz Type 03? Because, along with the Desmond Wise Sports wheels, and Work VSKF, the Blitz Type 03 is one of my favourite styles of wheel.

These stickers are approximately 12cm tall, printed on high quality vinyl and come in a choice of two styles: classic Cement Grey, or Sparkle silver.



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