My Skyline, the story so far… (part seven, back to Pod)

My Skyline, the story so far… (part seven, back to Pod)

Following an immensely enjoyable day at Racewars with JPOC, it was time to hit up Santa Pod again!

This time I didn’t have my trusty instructor with me, however Lucy did come along to give me some support. My plan was to start off by warming up in the playpens again, and then try and progress up to the medium course. By mid morning I was becoming more and more consistent with my figure eights, and by the afternoon it was rare that I would spin out at all.

I was starting to figure out how to push the car wider around the cones or bring it in closer all based on my inputs to the throttle and steering. Overall I was pleased with he progress I had made throughout the day, the only thing I didn’t manage to do was progress to the medium course.

I blame a combination of nerves and the sheer size of the queue for the main track was so long that I couldn’t actually see where it ended and the medium track queue started. Ah well next time for sure!

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